The bank is established by great visionary and Hon. Chairman Mr. Baburao Hari Shete. To fulfil the basic needs of people & society, he has started a small institution called ‘Satara Rahiwasi Sahakari Patpedhi’ on 30th Sep. 1960. Day by day institution has achieved many goals and developed as strong 'Patpedhi'. Because of its progress, achievements and lots of facilities, the institution was converted into ‘The Satara Sahakari Bank Ltd., Mumbai’ on 15th Nov. 1971. 


Born on 15.07.1929 at a remote village named Yelgaon of Karhad Taluka, Dist- Satara in a poor agriculturist family.

Family had a small piece of arid land. Draught, famine and starvation was routine of the life of the villagers.

Despite all adversities of life Shri.Baburaoji Shete studied upto VII standard at the village school.

He came to Mumbai in the year 1944 to earn his bread and butter.

Started his carrier as a basket sweeper with one egg merchant on salary of “One Anna” (sixteenth part of one rupee) per day which was not sufficient to have a one time meals.

With his sincerity, honesty and hard working, he secured faith and trust of other vendors and traders in the area who in turned offered him some job from which he started earning income of six Annas a day.

Those were the very hectic days. For Baburaoji, his day was commencing at 4.00 a.m. in the morning with a cold water bath on common municipal tap, tea with a piece of bread was luxury those days. Work hard, Hard work , toil and moil was the routine of the day. He has spend his night on railway platform for the night sleep. But he neither grumbled for the toiling life nor submitted to it.

Those days he understood the importance of education and with all hardships he enrolled himself in a night school for higher education.

In the year 1947, he got a clerical job with a monthly salary of Rs.50.00. Now the life for him was little comfort..

However, he was a person who was always thinking of and was worried of laborious life of his other villagers, their financial exploitation and to do something for their up-liftment.

He, united these peoples, made them aware of their right and fought for them. He incorporated various organization for the betterment of the common man.

His sincerity, passion for the poor and intentions to do some thing from them was noticed by the other social workers and politicians.

He was first elected as a corporator of Mumbai Municipal Corporation in the year 1968.

Here he, by his work, got an opportunity to have acquaintance with senior politicians.

He became Mayor of Mumbai Municipal Corporation in the year 1980.

 Late. Baburao Hari Shete
(Founder Of The Bank)

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